The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Monday, 5 August 2019

RM&D SDS Open Trial and Sweepstake held at Snargate 4/8/19

With thanks to Ed Lovejoy for the field and sheep, Wendy Cole for judging and  all who let out.

16 ran

1. Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis) with Quill - 75 (T)
2. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Rob - 66 (T)
3. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Shabden Ivy - 65 (T)
4. Alain Cools (Belgium) with  Jerry - 57 (T)
5. Nick Couwelier (Belgium) with Bet - 51 (T)
6. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Taff - 49 (T)

The trial was followed by a  a sweepstake  judged by Dave Thompson
Winner: Wendy Cole with Rheed

Friday, 26 July 2019

RM&D SDS - The Kent Championship, Dean Ciurt, Westwell. 21/7/19

With thanks to the Lister Family for the field, Doug Millen for the sheep and Philip Davies-Russell for judging. Thanks go to all our helpers who made the day run smoothly.


1. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Rob, 83
2. Wendy Cole (Tillingham, Essex) with Rheed, 74
3. Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex) with Angie, 70
4. Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis, Kent) with Quill, 66
5. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Taff, 65 (OLF)
6. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Shabden Ivy, 65

1. Wendy Cole (Tillingham, Essex) Rheed, 74
2. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with  Shabden Ivy, 65
3. Geraldina Orlando (Chipstead, Surrey) Tuma, 54
4. Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex) Star, 44

The Ernest Finn Shield (winner of open) - Mark Banham with Rob
The President Cup (highest placed farmer) - Mark Banham with Rob
The John Jones Coursing Club cup (highest placed shepherd in the open) - Sarah Walker with Quill
The Kathmick Trophy (highest placed lady in the open) - Wendy Cole with Rheed
The Cooper Cup (winner of the novice) - Wendy Cole with Rheed
The Dave Thompson Anniversary Tray (best pen of the day) - Mark Banham with Rob
The John Gascoigne “Silence is Golden” Cup (fewest commands OLF) - Mark Banham with Rob