The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Romney Marsh & District SDS Cradle, Nursery, Novice and Novice Handler Trial held at Whitehall, Lynsted 10/11/19

With many thanks to Dave and Lynda for the field, David Thompson for the sheep and letting out all day, with some help from three other committee members.

1. Jill Bastable (Tonbridge, Kent) with Pip - 78
2. Geraldina Orlando (Chipstead, Surrey) with Jim - 63
3. Jill Woolston (Surrey) with Bess - 60
4. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Ron - 57
5. Emily Killick (Eastbourne, Sussex) with Wren - 53
6. Emily Killick (Eastbourne, Sussex) with Eva - 52

1. Jill Bastable (Tonbridge, Kent) with Suze - 90
2. Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis, Kent) with Clèit Ara - 86
3. Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis, Kent) with Valmis Finn - 77 (T)
4. Mark Banham, (Chipstead, Surrey) with Jack - 72
5. Paul Griffiths (Glynde, Sussex) with Maggie - 70
6. Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Bob - 57

1. Louisa Taylor (Brockham, Surrey) with Cant - 78
2. John Mitchell (Reading, Berks) with Johney - 61

Young Handler
Harvey Lauder (Lynsted, Kent) with Taff - 40 (T)

Saturday, 19 October 2019

The SE Championship hosted by RM&D SDS at Snargate 19/10/19

With many thanks to Ed Lovejoy for the sheep and field, Lizzy for the take-off field and judge Cathy Cassie.
The results are made all the more special by the fact that the winner, Paul Griffiths, received a trophy donated by his grandfather's employer.
thanks also to Martin Morris for letting out all day and those who assisted him.

1. Rob Moore (Ditchling, Sussex) with  Cumhachbach Rebel - 95 (T)
2. Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex) with Star - 65 (T)
3. Fiona Davies-Russell (Farnham, Surrey)with Nellie - 53 (T)
4. Louisa Taylor (Surrey) with  Cant - 45 (T)

1. Paul Griffiths (Glyndebourne, Sussex) with Standen Roy - 99 (T)
2. Rob Moore (Ditchling, Sussex) with Hoy - 80