The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Monday, 17 December 2018

Sussex SDS Nursery and Novice Trial held at Deanlands Farm, Sussex 16/12/18

With thanks to John and Jackie Marsh for the field and sheep, Elaine Anstey for judging and John Marsh who let out all day

Judge: Elaine Anstey (Haslemere, Surrey)

18 dogs ran


1 Anita Tackley (Hambleden, Bucks) with Moss 80
2 Eamonn Lawless (Isle of Wight) with Spot 79
3 Rob Moore (Ditchling, Sussex) with Cumhachdach Rebel 69
4 Rob Moore (Ditchling, Sussex) with Cumhachdach Donk 67
5 Anita Tackley (Hambleden, Bucks) with Jim 50
6 Karen Gearing (Hove, Sussex) with Swan 45


1 Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex) with Star 86
2 Ray Edwards (Chumleigh, Devon) with Smithymoor Kiera 83
3 Fiona Davis Russell (Farnham, Surrey) with Kit 78
4 Philip Davis Russell (Farnham, Surrey) with Kirk 76
5 Wendy Cole (Tillingham, Essex) with Rheed 71
6 Ray Edwards (Chumleigh, Devon) with Shabden Jim 61

Novice handler awarded to Karen Gearing

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Romney Marsh & District SDS Cradle, Nursery and Novice Trial: Whitehall, Lynsted 9/12/18

With thanks to Dave and Lynda for the ground and sheep, the four good folk who let out and Dave Thompson for judging.

17 ran
Judge: Dave Thompson

1. Grace Gower, Canterbury, Cap, 77
2. Mark Banham, Surrey, Swift, 57 (T)
3. Steve Burton, Sussex, Ace, 51

1. Philip Davies-Russell, Surrey, Kirk, 95
2. Mark Banham, Surrey, Len, 79 tu
3. Fiona Davies-Russell, Surrey, Kit, 74
4. Nicolas Annaloro, France, Gaiel, 73( OLF)
5. Mark Banham, Surrey, Shabden Ivy, 73
6. Mark Banham, Surrey, Jack, 60 tu

1. Rob Moore, Ditchling, Donk, 68
2. Rob Moore, Ditchling, Rebel, 65 (T)
3. David Thompson, High Halden, Jimmy, 56 (OLF) (T)
4. Alan Flitton, Norfolk, Gwen, 56 (T)
5. Sally Else, Norfolk, Gunner, 53 (T)
6. Margaret Flitton, Norfolk, May, 43 (T)