The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Romney Marsh & District SDS - The John & Molly Vant Memorial Trial 16/9/18

Thank you to The Vant Family for the field and the sheep at our John and Molly memorial trial at Riggs Hill today. We thank all who attended and those who helped set-up and clear away, and the general running of the trial.

Judge: John Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex)


1. Cathy Cassie (Luterworth, Leics) with Sean - 82
2. Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex) with Hutch - 79
3. Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex) Angie - 77
4. Wiet Van Dongen (Pittem, Belgium) with Ruari - 76
5. Wiet Van Dongen (Pittem, Belgium) with Blaze - 71
6. Jill Bastable (Tonbridge, Kent) with Cass - 70

1. Wiet Van Dongen  (Pittem, Belgium) with Quaya - 59
2. Sally Else (Diss, Norfolk) with Gunner - 47

John and Molly Vant Memorial Shield: Cathy Cassie
Best Lady: Cathy Cassie
Best OLF: Jackie Marsh
Novice Cup: Wiet Van Dongen
Young Handler Rosette: Grace Gower with Cap

Monday, 27 August 2018

Sussex Sheepdog Society Open trials at Sheffield Park - 27th and 28th August 2018

Thank you to Sheffield Park for the great venue and to Paul Griffiths for organising the sheep and  trial field, everyone who let out sheep on both days and everyone who supported the trials.
We had the trials in the morning and a sweepstake in the afternoon

27th August 2018
Judge: John Marsh ( Golden Cross, East Sussex)
17 Dogs ran

1st Jed Watson  (Yelverton, Devon )  Zac 90
2nd Jed Watson   (Yelverton, Devon )  Roy 87
3rd  Jed Watson  (Yelverton, Devon )  Kelly 86
4th  Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis, Canterbury) Quill 85
5th  Paul Griffiths (Glynde, Sussex) Standen Roy 81
6th Wendy Cole (Tillingham, Essex) Mheg 77

Sweepstake winner out of 12 runners Rob Moore with Jill

28th August 2018
Judge: Jed Watson (Yelverton, Devon )
25 dogs ran

1st Eamonn Lawless (Isle of Wight) Don 71
2nd Ian Wheeler (Isle of Wight) Bob 70
3rd Richard Smith (Kingham, Gloucestershire) Bob 66
4th Cathy Cassie (Lutterworth, Leicestershire ) Sean 63 OLF
5th Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis, Canterbury) Quill 63
6th Paul Griffiths (Glynde, Sussex) Standen Roy 56t OLF

1st Eamonn Lawless (Isle of Wight) Spot 49

Sweepstake winner out of 13 runners Paul Griffiths with Standen Roy