The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Romney Marsh & District SDS Trial - Snargate - 14/8/16

A huge thank you to Ed Lovejoy for the field and the sheep. Jill Bastable (Starter) and Dave  Thompson (Open) for judging, all the letters-out (and most especially Martin Morris who spent most of his day up there) and everyone who made this a terrific trial.

Starter Class - this is a non-driving class for novice dogs.

   1  Wendy Cole with Mheg
   2  Sarah Walker with Karven Griffin


   1  Mark Banham with Belle 92
   2  Sarah Walker with Pearl 86
   3  Andy Jackman with Cap 81
   4  Rob Moore with Joe 77
   5  Jill Bastable with Cass 76 (OLF)
   6  Andy Jackman with Jaff 76


   The Maurice Upton Cup (best drive in the open class) - Sarah Walker with Pearl
   The Kathrick Shepherd's Cup (highest placed shepherd) - Sarah Walker with Pearl
   The KMG Trophy Plate (highest placed lady) - Sarah Walker with Pearl
   75th Anniversary Trophy (highest placed hobbyist) - Pat Paice with Lex
   The Hocky Hoare Shield (winner of the novice [Starter Class]) - Wendy Cole with Mheg
   The Hocky Hoare Memorial Cup (winner of the open) - Mark Banham with Belle