The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Saturday, 22 October 2016

South East England Championship - hosted by the Romney Marsh & District SDS at Stalisfield 22/10/16

A huge thank you to the Vants for providing the sheep and the field, Rae for judging, Lynda for course directing and the letters-out. Of the latter a particular mention for Jill, Rob, Millie, Martin and Ray - heroes!

   1 Mark Banham with Jock 70
   2 Jamie Robertson with Reef 55
   3 Millie Lear with Ale 52
   4 Mark Banham with Tom 50

   1 Mark Banham with Molly 120
   2 Mark Banham with Tom 92 (OLF)
   3 Andy Jackman with Moss 92
   4 Sarah Walker with Pearl 90
   5 Andy Jackman with Cap 86