The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Sunday, 8 January 2017

RM&D SDS Cradle, Nursery and Novice Trial held at Lynsted 8/1/17

Many thanks to Dave and Lynda for the field and sheep and to the letters-out as well as to Dave Thompson for judging.


   1  Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis) with Cléit Murdo 56 (OLF)
   2  Louisa Taylor (Betchworth) with Cant 56
   3  Emily Killick (Turners Hill) with Charlie 51 (T)
   4  Sally Else (Diss) with Gunner 48
   5  Nick Onslow (Stelling Minnis) with Cléit Tank 40 (T)


   1  Nicolas Annaloro (France) with Judy 88
   2  Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Rob 77
   3  Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Ollie 66
   4  Anita Tackley (Henley-on-Thames) with Joey 59


   1  Nicolas Annaloro (France) with Pearl 83
   2  Anita Tackley (Henley-on-Thames) with Chip 64
   3  David Thompson (High Halden) with Jimmy 61 (T)
   4  Peter Gent (Blean) with Enzo 55 (T)
   5  Dudley Edmonds (Herts) with Beth 51 (T)
   6  Betty Temple (Slough) with Matt 41