The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Surrey SDS Open Trials 17 & 18/6/17 - Shabden Park Farm

Thank you to Mark and Kirstie Banham for the venue, John and Jackie Marsh for the sheep and to all the letters out.

Open trial 17th June 2017
Judge: Tim Foster
43 Dogs ran
1st  Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) Molly 93
2nd   Jed Watson (Yelverton, Devon ) Roy 91
3rd   Jed Watson (Yelverton, Devon ) Jake 90
4th   Nij Vyas (Wigston, Leicester ) Mist 86 OLF
5th   Ed Hawkins (Stowmarket, Suffolk ) Troy 86
6th   Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) Belle 85

1st   Ray Edwards (Chulmleigh, Devon) Clyde 77

Open trial 18th June 2017
Judge: Mark Banham
44 Dogs ran
1st  Jed Watson (Yelverton, Devon ) Roy 88
2nd   Ed Hawkins (Stowmarket, Suffolk ) Troy 87 OLF
3rd   Nij Vyas (Wigston, Leicester ) Todd 87
4th   Jed Watson (Yelverton, Devon ) Zac 84
5th   Ed Hawkins (Stowmarket, Suffolk ) Max 82
6th   Ray Edwards (Chulmleigh, Devon) Brad 79 OLF

1st   Ed Hawkins (Stowmarket, Suffolk ) Jess 74