The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Saturday, 19 October 2019

The SE Championship hosted by RM&D SDS at Snargate 19/10/19

With many thanks to Ed Lovejoy for the sheep and field, Lizzy for the take-off field and judge Cathy Cassie.
The results are made all the more special by the fact that the winner, Paul Griffiths, received a trophy donated by his grandfather's employer.
thanks also to Martin Morris for letting out all day and those who assisted him.

1. Rob Moore (Ditchling, Sussex) with  Cumhachbach Rebel - 95 (T)
2. Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross, Sussex) with Star - 65 (T)
3. Fiona Davies-Russell (Farnham, Surrey)with Nellie - 53 (T)
4. Louisa Taylor (Surrey) with  Cant - 45 (T)

1. Paul Griffiths (Glyndebourne, Sussex) with Standen Roy - 99 (T)
2. Rob Moore (Ditchling, Sussex) with Hoy - 80