The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Surrey SDS Nursery and Novice Trial 20/12/15

Thank you to everyone for the great trial today. Thanks to everyone who helped to let out, Muriel for the tasty soup and Kirstie for the warming mulled cider and our refreshment elves Elaine Anstey and Jill Hardy for the tasty mince pies, sausage rolls, spiced drink and shortbread biscuits. Thanks also to Wendy Cole and Gill Bharakhda for the tubs of chocolates, we had a veritable feast.

Thank you to Rob Moore for judging and Andy for being his writer.

Thanks also to Mark and Kirstie for the venue and sheep. It was  great to see so many of you in festive hats and even Christmas sweaters­čśâ

Here are the results

20th December 2015
Shabden Park Farm, Chipstead, Surrey
Judge Rob Moore, Ditchling, Sussex

23  ran

1 Alison Johnson, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Cass 84
2 Wendy Cole, Tillingham, Essex, Malton Mist 61
3 Paul Griffiths, Plumpton Green, East Sussex, Gwen 60
4 Steve Barton, Joe 57
5 Mark Banham, Chipstead, Surrey, Jimmy 51

1 Louise Amos,Cheltenham, Gloucester, Fleet 73 (OLF)
2 Paul Griffiths, Plumpton Green, East Sussex, Micky 73 (OLF)
3 Rob Hawke, Bishopstone, Salisbury, Wilts, Mo 73
4 Mark Banham, Chipstead, Surrey, Molly 72
5 Mark Banham, Chipstead, Surrey, Jock 68
6 Louise Amos,Cheltenham, Gloucester, Quories Moxy 64

Best Novice handler Gill Bharakhda

Monday, 14 December 2015

Romney Marsh & District Cradle, Nursery & Novice Trial 13/12/15

Held at Whitehall, Lynsted for which thanks to Dave and Lynda.
Judge: Sarah Walker

Cradle Class - marked out of 75
   1  David Thompson with Guss 54
   2  Hilary Dennington-Holdrick with Belle 39

Nursery Class - marked out of 100
   1   Paul Griffiths with Micky 82
   2   Dave Thompson with Brig 67
   3   Betty Temple with Matt 51

Novice Class - marked out of 100
   1   Paul Griffiths with Gwen 78
   2   Betty Temple with Troy 63
   3   Dudley Edmonds with Beth 32

Friday, 11 December 2015

CORRECTION Wessex SDS Nursery and Novice Trial 29/11/15 - Feltons Farm, Brockham

Many thanks to those who braved the wind to put on this trial. Special thanks to Andy for judging, the venue and the sheep.


   1st Louise Amos – Moxy
   2nd Paul Griffiths – Micky
   3rd Jackie Marsh – Angie
   4th Ray Edwards – Omega Tek
   5th Betty Temple - Matt  77 OLF
   6th Wendy Cole - Abby 77


   1    P Griffiths   Gwen  82
   2    R Edwards Jet. 78
   3    A Johnson Cass. 75
   4    M Banham Jimmy 72t
   5    B Temple Troy 56
   6    J Robertson. Reef. 50

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sussex SDS Nursery and Novice Trial 6/12/15 - Feltons, Bockham

   1    Ray Edwards with Jet 80   
   2    Derek Scrimgeour with Fin 74   
   3    Ed Thornally with Troy 65   
   4    Katie Evans with Min 56 time   
   5    Paul Griffiths with Gwen 45 OLF   
   6    Wendy Cole with Malta Mist 45

   1    Ray Edwards with Kate 83   
   2    Paul Griffiths with Mickey 82   
   3    Mark Banham with Molly 76   
   4    Sarah Walker with Karven Griffin 75 OLF   
   5    Ed Thornally with Hutch 75   
   6    Ray Edwards with Omega Tech 72