The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Sussex SDS Trial at Glynde

With many thanks to Paul Griffiths for the sheep and field.

Judge:  Merrill Fox

28 ran

Highest Placed Novice

Jackie Marsh with Angie 73 (t)


  1   Jane Drinkwater with Sweep 80
  2   Jane Drinkwater with Skye 78
  3   Mark Banham with Molly 76
  4   Andy Jackman with Moss 74 (T)
  5   Jackie Marsh with Angie 73 (T) (Nov)
  6   Mark Banham with Don 72 (T)

The Novice Cup: Jackie Marsh with Angie
The Roy Standard Shield: Jane Drinkwater with Sweep
Novice Handler Trophy: Gill Barakhada with Jo
The "If Only" Trophy: Pat Paice with Lex
The Fewest Commands Cup: Sarah Walker with Quill

Wessex SDS Trial (Double Gather) at Didling 28/8/16

With thanks to Matt Blythe for the course and sheep and a great letting out team.

Judge: John Stammers

25 ran

  1   Jed Watson with Jake 154
  2   Jed Watson with Joe 151
  3   Andy Jackman with Moss 131
  4   Glyn Howells with Fly 127
  5   Andy Jackman with Cap 122 (OLF)
  6   Elaine Anstey with Craig 122

Wessex SDS Trial at Didling 27/8/16

With many thanks to Matt Blythe for the course and sheep.

Judge:  Angie Blackmore

38 ran

Highest Place Novice

Jackie Marsh with Angie  71


  1   Sarah Walker with Quill 89
  2   Jed Watson with Zac 86
  3   Jed Watson with Jake 81 (OLF)
  4   Jed Watson with Jim 81
  5   Andy Jackman with Jaff 78
  6   Elaine Anstey with Tweed 71 (OLF)

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Romney Marsh & District SDS Trial - Snargate - 14/8/16

A huge thank you to Ed Lovejoy for the field and the sheep. Jill Bastable (Starter) and Dave  Thompson (Open) for judging, all the letters-out (and most especially Martin Morris who spent most of his day up there) and everyone who made this a terrific trial.

Starter Class - this is a non-driving class for novice dogs.

   1  Wendy Cole with Mheg
   2  Sarah Walker with Karven Griffin


   1  Mark Banham with Belle 92
   2  Sarah Walker with Pearl 86
   3  Andy Jackman with Cap 81
   4  Rob Moore with Joe 77
   5  Jill Bastable with Cass 76 (OLF)
   6  Andy Jackman with Jaff 76


   The Maurice Upton Cup (best drive in the open class) - Sarah Walker with Pearl
   The Kathrick Shepherd's Cup (highest placed shepherd) - Sarah Walker with Pearl
   The KMG Trophy Plate (highest placed lady) - Sarah Walker with Pearl
   75th Anniversary Trophy (highest placed hobbyist) - Pat Paice with Lex
   The Hocky Hoare Shield (winner of the novice [Starter Class]) - Wendy Cole with Mheg
   The Hocky Hoare Memorial Cup (winner of the open) - Mark Banham with Belle