The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Inter-Society Team Trial 28/10/17

With thanks to John & Jackie Marsh for the sheep and course, Ros Edwards for judging and all who let out. Well done to Mid Shires for a well-deserved victory.

1st Mid Shires SDS
2nd Sussex SDS
3rd Wessex SDS
4th Surrey SDS
5th Romney Marsh & District SDS

Individual Scores

  1  Richard Smith (Mid Shires) with Bob - 92
  2  Ben Smith (Mid Shires) with Ben - 90
  3  Andy Jackman (Surrey) with Jaff - 89

The Teams

Mid Shires: 
Richard Smith (Bob and Joe), Ben Smith (Ben), Cathy Cassie (Sean) and Val Powell (Kite)
Elaine Anstey (? and Tweed), Alison Johnson (Cass) and Merrill Fox (Alf)
Romney Marsh: 
Dave Thompson (?), Peter Gent (Enzo), David Thompson (Jimmy), Jill Bastable (Cass) and Sarah Walker (Quill)
Jackie Marsh (Angie), Emily Brown (Kim), John Marsh (Claire and Hutch) and Paul Griffiths (Mickey)
Andy Jackman (Cap and Jaff), Mark Banham (Rob and Belle) and Jill Woolston (Mirk)

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The South East Championship - Shabden Park Farm 21/10/17

The culmination of this season's trialling in Kent, Surrey and Sussex was hosted by Mark and Kirstie Banham to whom a huge thank you for putting on today's contest complete with cake! A big thank you to Andy Jackman for judging and a very special and heartfelt thank you to Sam Banham and his team for letting out so consistently all day.

Novice Championship

  1 This year's SE England Novice champion: John Marsh (Golden Cross) with Clèit Flair - 86
  2 Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Rob - 82
  3 Paul Griffiths (Glyndebourne) with Micky - 59
  4 Peter Gent (Blean) with Enzo - 42

Open Championship

  1 This year's SE England Open Champion: Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Rob - 142
  2 Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis) with Quill - 127 (T)
  3 Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Belle - 107
  4 Jackie Marsh (Golden Cross) with Angie - 103
  5 Peter Gent (Blean) with Enzo - 83
  6 John Marsh (Golden Cross) with Hutch

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Romney Marsh & District SDS Trial at Scotney Castle 15/10/17

A huge thank you to Ian Strang for the ground, the sheep, his assistance through the day and the work that he put in before the trial.

Thank you to those who let-out and, of course, to Wendy Cole for judging.

Judge: Wendy Cole (Tillingham, Essex)

Open (25 ran)

  1  John Marsh (Golden Cross) with Hutch - 79
  2  Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Rob - 76
  3  Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Belle - 74
  4  Eamonn Lawless (Ryde, IoW) with Chalkie - 72
  5  Dave Thompson (Lynsted) with Moss
  6  Pat Paice (Hankham) with Lex - 58

Highest placed Novice

  Sally Else with Gunner

Best Pen of the Day - The Ron Willis Memorial Stick: John Marsh
Best Lady - Pat Paice

Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Association of S & SE England SDS Open Trial at Olantigh Park 7th & 8th October 2017

A huge thank you to Mr & Mrs Francesconi for the sheep and the Loudon family for use of the Park.
Thanks also to those who let-out and did a terrific job - packets were walked down the bank to the lift with great consistency. With a small number of handlers the willingness and flexibility was hugely appreciated and made this a most enjoyable weekend.

Saturday 7th October 2017

With very many thanks to Val Powell for judging.


   1  Tim Foster (Creaton) with Mist - 88
   2  Dave Thompson (Lynsted) with Moss - 79 (OLF)
   3  Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Rob - 79
   4  Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Molly - 78
   5  Sue Little (Norfolk) with Buddy - 75
   6  Claire Neal (Wormegay) with Dexter - 73

Highest Placed Novice
   Tim Foster (Creaton) with Cally

Sunday 8th October 2017

With very many thanks to John Marsh for judging.


   1  Sue Little (Norfolk) with Buddy - 87 (OLF)
   2  Mark Banham (Chipstead) with Molly - 87
   3  Bob Powell (Cold Ashby) with Mirk  - 83 (OLF)
   4  Tim Foster (Creaton) with Mist - 83
   5  Tim Foster (Creaton) with Molly - 80
   6  Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis) with Quill - 77