The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Sunday, 21 February 2016

South East Winter Series - Aggregate Results 2015/16

  1   Paul Griffiths with Mickey
  2   Mark Banham with Molly
  3   Mark Banham with Jock

  1   Paul Griffiths with Gwen
  2   Ray Edwards with Jet
  3   Mark Banham with Tysswg Tom

A huge thank you to all those whose hard work made the South and South East England Winter Series not only possible but most enjoyable.

South and South East England Winter Series Championships 21/2/16

With many thanks to Andy Jackman for the course, the sheep and for judging the trial.
Thanks also to all who let out and assisted in making the day a success and especial thanks to Steve and Karen for managing the exhaust pen

  1   Angie Blackmore with Rocky 92
  2   Ray Edwards with Kate 90
  3   Angie Blackmore with Spottie 69

  1   Ed Thornalley with Troy 74
  2   Jenny Atwell with Speck 73
  3   Alison Johnson with Cass 72

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Wessex SDS Nursery and Novice Trial: Shabden Park Farm 14/2/16

Judge: John Marsh

1   Mark Banham with Tom 90
2   Paul Griffiths with Gwen 83
3   Ed Thornalley with Troy 75

1   Mark Banham with Molly 92
2   Paul Griffiths with Mickey 86
3   Ed Thornalley with Hutch 85

Many thanks to Elaine and Jill for organising, John for judging, the letters-out and, of course, Mark and Kirstie for the field and sheep.

Not sure that we want to thank the Police helicopter for circling the field for 20 minutes - just who should have given themselves up?

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Surrey SDS Nursery and Novice Trial: Shabden Park Farm 7/2/16

Judge: Jill Bastable, Tonbridge, Kent
25 ran

1 Mark Banham, Chipstead, Surrey, Molly 90
2 Angie Blackmoore, Bromsberrow Heath, Ledbury, Spotty 88
3 Mark Banham, Chipstead, Surrey, Jock 87
4 Richard Smith, Wiltshire, Bob 85
5 Angie Blackmoore, Bromsberrow Heath, Ledbury, Rockie 76
6 Paul Griffiths, Glynde, Sussex, Micky 72

1 Angie Blackmoore, Bromsberrow Heath,Ledbury, Mirk 90
2 Katie Evans, Min 83
3 Angie Blackmoore, Bromsberrow Heath, Ledbury, Lad 81
4 Ed Thornalley, Worlington, Suffolk, Troy 76
5 Jamie Robertson, Henfield, Sussex, Reef 74
6 Alison Johnson, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Cass 64 T