The banner image shows one of the remaining Lookers' Huts at Coldharbour Farm on Romney Marsh

Monday, 22 October 2018

Sussex SDS host the South East Championship at Deanland Farm, East Sussex 20/10/18

With many thanks to John and Jackie Marsh for hosting the event, Paul Griffiths for providing the sheep and a terrific team of letters-out.
Thanks too for Andy Jackman's judging.

South East Novice Champion: Paul Griffiths with Standen Roy

South East Open Champion: Rob Moore with Hoy

Monday, 15 October 2018

Romney Marsh & DIstrict SDS Trial at Scotney Castle 14/10/18

With thanks to Ian Strang and The National Trust for the sheep and ground, all who let out, Tilly for the raffle and Jill Woolston for judging.

Open Trial 
Judge: Jill Woolston
  33 ran
  1 John Marsh (Golden Cross, East Sussex) with Hutch - 79
  2 Val Powell (Cold Ashby) with Tyke - 75
  3 Richard Curtis (Grantham, Lincs) with Tess - 73
  4 Paul Griffiths (Glynde, Sussex) with Standen Roy - 72
  5 Wiet van Dongen (Pittem, Belgium) with BAW Zac - 70
  6 Sarah Walker (Stelling Minnis, Kent) with Quill - 69

Best Lady: Val Powell
Best Pen: Richard Curtis

Sunday, 14 October 2018

ASSEESDS Open Trial - Olantigh 13/10/18

With very many thanks to the Loudon family for use of the ground, The Francesconi family for the sheep, Derek Hart the shepherd, Ros Edwards for judging and to all who helped Sarah to let-out. On the latter note a huge thank you to Sarah Walker who spent her whole day letting-out and drove away from the field at 19:30 having loaded her sheep-handling equipment partially in the dark.

A thank you from those who staged the trial on behalf of the Association to the handlers who made it such a good spirited day.

Judge: Ros Edwards (Sussex)

34 ran


  1  Sue Little (Kerdiston, Norfolk) with Tig - 75
  2  Bob Powell (Cold Ashby, Northants) with Mirk - 72 (T)
  3  Mark Banham (Chipstead, Surrey) with Taff - 71 (T)
  4  Tim Foster (Creaton, Northants) with Molly - 70 (T)
  5  Wendy Cole (Tillingham, Essex) with Mheg - 69 (T) (OLF)
  6  Richard Curtis (Grantham, Lincs) with Patch - 69 (T)

Highest Placed Novice Dog
  Wiet van Dongen with Quaya - 61 (T)